May 19, 2021 at 7:00-8:30 PM (EDT) ONLINE

Top Five Things You Will Learn at Cantor Workshop May 19

  1. How to engage a worshipping assembly into active participation.
  2. How to bullet-proof prepare a Responsorial Psalm
  3. How to take responsibility for your own vocal level.
  4. The difference between proclaiming the Responsorial Psalm and song-leading. (Both are essential, but different.)
  5. Read-through of Psalms from Forever I Will Sing – both Through-Composed Meter Edition & Classic Chant Edition

Discussion about the role & ministry of the Cantor through the settings from Forever I Will Sing Responsorial Psalms & Gospel Acclamations.

Join Tim for a lively exchange about the role and ministry of the Cantor, including practical methods and musical techniques for proclaiming the Responsorial Psalm & Gospel Acclamation.

Included is a pdf with a generous representation from Forever I WIll Sing Responsorial Psalms & Acclamations from both editions: Through-Composed Metered Edition and Classic Chant Edition.

Introducing Forever I Will Sing 2021 Metered Editions

Timothy R. Smith's Forever I Will Sing 2021 Metered Keyboard Editions

A complete collection of through-composed Responsorial Psalm & Gospel Acclamations for 2021 Liturgical Year B.  

 - Psalm & Gospel Acclamation settings for Sundays & Holy Days (Nov 29, 2020 - Nov 25, 2021)  
 - Verbatim texts from Lectionary  
 - Engaging and accessible refrains and verses individually set to the natural rhythm of the text 
 - Piano, Organ, SATB, Chords, Guitar capo chords 
 - Online instructional videos for each psalm available at  
 - Receive printable single melody refrains when you email receipt to 

Need a Psalm for Sunday? Receive instant pdfs of approaching Sundays when you email receipt to 

Three editions available: 

Forever I Will Sing 2021 Keyboard Edition  - Vocal line, chords & keyboard accompaniment.

Forever I Will Sing 2021 Metered Guitar/Vocal Edition - Vocal line & chords (Ideal for cantors).              

Forever I Will Sing 2021 Classic Chant Edition  - this original chant format will still be published and supported with instructional videos. (Refrains are identical to Metered Editions.)

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