Introducing Forever I Will Sing 2021 Metered Editions

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Timothy R. Smith's Forever I Will Sing 2021 Metered Keyboard Editions

A complete collection of through-composed Responsorial Psalm & Gospel Acclamations for 2021 Liturgical Year B.  

 - Psalm & Gospel Acclamation settings for Sundays & Holy Days (Nov 29, 2020 - Nov 25, 2021)  
 - Verbatim texts from Lectionary  
 - Engaging and accessible refrains and verses individually set to the natural rhythm of the text 
 - Piano, Organ, SATB, Chords, Guitar capo chords 
 - Online instructional videos for each psalm available at  
 - Receive printable single melody refrains when you email receipt to 

Need a Psalm for Sunday? Receive instant pdfs of approaching Sundays when you email receipt to 

Three editions available: 

Forever I Will Sing 2021 Keyboard Edition  - Vocal line, chords & keyboard accompaniment.

Forever I Will Sing 2021 Metered Guitar/Vocal Edition - Vocal line & chords (Ideal for cantors).                   

Forever I Will Sing 2021 Classic Chant Edition  - this is the classic edition will still be published and supported with instructional videos. 

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Persuaded Video

Be Not Far from Me

Still available:

2020 Forever I Will Sing Rersponsorial Psalms

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  • Psalm & Gospel Acclamation settings for Sundays & Holy Days
  • Online instructional videos for each psalm
  • Piano, Organ, SATB, Guitar (w/ capo chords)
  • Verbatim texts from Lectionary with Imprimatur
  • Reprintable single melody refrains available (send proof of   purchase to
  • Need a Psalm now? Send receipt and request to and receive instant Pdf of next three Psalms & Gospel Acclamations


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I Am with You Always highlights Tim's versatility as a songwriter of liturgical music, as he reaches audiences of all ages. And while the tone of the collection rises and falls throughout, there is a consistent message of hope: we enter this world with Christ by our side, and we leave this world the same way. Lenten themes permeate this collection.

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Easter Vigil Alleluia

Alleluia - Psalm 118:1-2, 16-17, 22-23



God mounts his throne - Psalm 47: 2-3, 6-7, 8-9

Timothy R. Smith has spent his career writing music that fuses contemporary and traditional elements into songs that inspire and unite communities of all ages. 

The bulk of Tim’s catalogue is based in the Psalms, culminating in his annual publicationForever I Will Sing. It features complete responsorial psalms and Gospel Acclamations for every Sunday and holy day. He writes: 

The Psalms are about our ageless encounter and covenant with the loving and compassionate God of Israel. This relationship transcends all time and history. As a composer, I try to create melodies that reflect my own experience and affect with a particular Psalm. Since, my perspective is limited to my own cultural experience, I think it’s essential to broaden my approach by exploring and developing melodies and harmonies that reach beyond my first inclinations.

Tim has a passion for helping parishes and organizations respond to the Church’s apostolic call towards evangelization. His ministry has taken him across the United States — presenting parish missions, men’s retreats and music ministry workshops that educate and inspire. His presentations feature music designed to encourage participation and foster prayerful reflection.

Tim has a Bachelor of Music degree from Michigan State University and Master of Music degree from Oakland University in Rochester Hills, Michigan. He and his wife, Kim, live in Waterford, Michigan. He currently serves as the Director of Music at Our Lady of the Lakes Church.




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