Bring Timothy R. Smith to your church for a parish mission or concert. Full of inspiring songs and spiritual reflections, "Give Me Ears to Listen" will feature liturgical catechesis and more. Known for his versatile musical styles, Tim is a gifted songwriter and long-time music minister who will offer your parish the chance to hear God's word and see Christ's presence in the midst of so many distractions and cares. Bring Tim to your next event

Available Now: Forever I Will Sing 2023

Available Now: Forever I Will Sing 2023

Forever I Will Sing 2023 Metered Editions

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A complete collection of through-composed Responsorial Psalm & Gospel Acclamations for 2023 Liturgical Year A.  

 - Psalm & Gospel Acclamation settings for Sundays & Holy Days (Nov 27, 2022 - Nov 26, 2023)  
 - Verbatim texts from Lectionary  
 - Engaging and accessible refrains and verses individually set to the natural rhythm of the text 
 - Piano, Organ, SATB, Chords, Guitar capo chords 
 - Online instructional videos for each psalm available at  
 - Receive printable single melody refrains when you email receipt to 

Need a Psalm for Sunday? Receive instant pdfs of approaching Sundays when you email receipt to 

Three editions available: 

Forever I Will Sing 2023 Keyboard Edition  - Vocal line, chords & keyboard accompaniment.

Forever I Will Sing 2023 Metered Guitar/Vocal Edition - Vocal line & chords (Ideal for cantors).              

Forever I Will Sing 2023 Classic Chant Edition  - this original chant format will still be published and supported with instructional videos. (Refrains are identical to Metered Editions.)

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Forever I Will Sing Metered Edition Instructional Video

You Were Never Alone Lyric Video

Be Not Far From Me Lyric Video

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