Songs from Home

Timothy R. Smith & The Sacred Music Band

Moving & amusing stories & songs from the heart, Detroit rock meets Appalachian, Dylan, Soul: companion 25 min. DVD features Tim’s stories about the songs as well as band performances in black & white; earthy, honest, straight from home.

Piano, guitar, violin, accordion and vocals dance over driving bass and percussion telling an authentic story of faith and perseverance. Tim’s music gives hints of Dylan, Motown, and a folk-rock tradition capped with the elegance of Sonia Lee’s soaring violin and the soulful witness of Greg C. Brown’s backup vocals. Brothers Gabe & Al Smith provide a broad palette of acoustic & electric guitar colors. David Taylor on drums and James Simonson on bass provide a subtle and steadfast foundation that powers the ensemble through spacious terrain.

Companion DVD features 25-minute black & white video of live performances along with Tim’s moving and amusing stories about the songs and the graces and challenges of our common faith journey. Engaging, honest songs straight from home…

Timothy R. Smith has over 100 musical compositions published by OCP Publications. His songs combine traditional and contemporary musical idioms that are easily accessible to both listeners and worshiping assemblies. Some of Tim's well-known liturgical compositions include: Voice Of Christ, Give Me Ears To Listen, O Mother Of Jesus, and In Every Age.

Tim’s ministry has taken him across the United States, conducting parish missions, men’s retreats, youth rallies, and music ministry workshops that engage, educate and inspire.

Music animates his presentation in the form of instrumental underscore, and songs; some that engage participation and others that foster prayerful reflection.

Smith is Music Director at Our Lady Of The Lakes Church, Waterford. MI. He has a Bachelor of Music degree from Michigan State University and Master of Music degree from Oakland University in Rochester Hills, MI, where he received the Distinguished Musicianship Award. Tim and his wife Kim have raised their family in Waterford, a few miles from the high school where they met.

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